The press on WILD FIELD

"... This material unwaveringly demands that you fully dissolve yourself into it because the Wild Field is about death dissolving into life to create one homogeneous mixture where you can’t draw or see a distinct border between the living and the dead. The lead character of the film (Oleg Dolin) lives on this non-existent border, although the word 'lives' can’t quite be applied to the characters of Wild Field. He is a young doctor who by the nature of his profession serves as a conduit between the world of the living and the world of the dead. His constant borderline state finds a corresponding visual analogue in the form of a house in the middle of the Kazakh steppe that is not even standing but rather dangling. It is certainly not one designed to receive a long train of rather wild patients who appear at the doctor’s as if they are being blown in by a wild and unpredictable steppe wind to meditate on the relativity of the concepts of 'life' and 'death'."

Lidia Maslova


"The film’s main character, a young doctor named Mitya (played by Oleg Dolin), lives at the edge of the earth, treats simple people with whatever he happens to have on hand, waits for a letter from his girlfriend, and when the girl finally arrives he finds out that his love came just to bid farewell to him for good… The edge of the earth in the film is a Kazakh steppe, but the choice of exteriors in this case is not of fundamental importance. It’s a story of a frozen time and not of a doctor who was assigned to God knows where and who stayed in that ‘God knows where’ because of his desire to remain true to himself. In other words, to be who he is and not who he would have to pretend to be in some other more habitable place."

Irina Korneyeva
Rossiyskaya Gazeta


"...Mikhail Kalatozishvili made a quiet movie without any declarations about spirituality. His main character honestly carries out his professional duty on a daily basis. And that’s all. The director places the emphasis on the act of saving lives and on humour (something we have big problems with in our cinema), instead of being voluptuously intoxicated by the poverty and other horrors of this remote area. Pyotr Dukhovskoy’s camera and Alexi Aigi’s music perfectly communicate the inner world and worries of the lead character. Actor Oleg Dolin plays his positive hero in such a way that you believe his every move and act, bringing all of the doctors from both the real world and literature to mind. The screening of Wild Field ended up with shouts of "Bravo!" and ovations that lasted until the end of the final credits. During this Kinotavr it happened only once."

Vita Ramm


Wild Field received the "White Elephant," a special prize of the Guild of Russian Film Scholars and Critics for the best script and best music at the 19th Open Russian Festival Kinotavr (Sochi, 2008).